Friday, 25 February 2011

Something Fishy?

So I thought I'd try the new beauty therapy craze and have a fish pedicure... along with my trusty side kick (Bella my 2 year old little girl). Actually it was Bella's idea in the first place... mesmerized by the fish nibbling away at peoples tootsies she was desperate to have a go. So to avoid a tantrum I signed us up and 10 minutes later we were faced with the very real prospect of having to dunk our feet into what I'd convinced myself was a bowl full of mini Piranhas... Bella's feet were in and out in a matter of seconds (the novelty wore off fairly quick for a ticklish toddler). But here's the science bit...

Garra Rufa fish are exotic pedicurists. Found naturally in hot springs near Kangal, a small town in Turkey, they have been softening and cleansing the skin of bathers for centuries. In an unusual reversal of the food chain, the fish spa treatment is mutually beneficial to you and the fish. They feed while you have your skin exfoliated. Their suction-cup mouths are perfectly shaped for gently lifting dry skin away, without damaging the healthy new cells underneath - revealing soft, supple and smooth skin for you. More importantly, fish therapy is a completely painless process. Most people find it pleasurable, a tickling, almost tingling sensation something akin to a light massage.

My conclusion... well in all honesty after 15 minutes my feet really didn't feel hugely different, perhaps slightly smoother but nothing compared to a normal good pedicure/scrub. The whole experience felt quite odd, like a combination of pins & needles and perhaps a light tickley massage. Not entirely unpleasant but very weird all the same. In my opinion it's fun to try but a complete gimmick, the sort of thing everyone will try once but I can't see it becoming a staple treatment in many peoples beauty regime unless they have a weird fishy foot fetish haha!

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