Monday, 7 March 2011

Super GEEK

So I ♥ the geek glasses! Although don't really get people that wear them ALL the time even though they've got 20-20 vision... cue ♫♪ "Being a Dickhead's Cool" Song ♪♫ (Which I actually also ♥ cos it makes me chuckle, so many Shoreditch types rockin' that look desperately trying to be the most alternatively cool but actually all starting to look the same... if you haven't seen it search youtube, it's too funny) Anyway I needed some new specs so rather than choose from the boring ones at specsavers I bought my own frames on a market in Spain €5 BARGAIN and had the optician fit my prescription lenses... And now I can actually see what I'm writing on this blog without having to squint, yay!... Quite excited about this little achievement! Super Geek, Super Geek... she's super GEEKY!

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