Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Irrational fears...

We all have them... my biggest is the fear of snakes or "Ophidiophobia" if you want to get technical. It's weird I know a snake is a million times more scared of me etc etc... But I'm not actually sure it is that irrational after all snakes can kill people!!! Seriously if I ever came face to face with one of those slithery venomous buggers I swear I'd die of a heart attack before it even got the chance to sink it's fangs into me.
even posting this pic is making me cringe/shudder... eeew!

I'm also scared of the dentist... too many painful experiences there! And on a lighter note I also have Bambakophobia (fear of cotton wool balls) yes really... we'll it's not actually a fear, I know they can't kill me or anything, but the thought of touching them makes me cringe like listening to fingernails on a black board kinda thing... so yes that fear is definitely irrational!

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