Wednesday, 22 June 2011

20 Things

This goes like this... 20 things about me... random facts, things I love/hate etc... if you like, re-blog (only about you), and let me know.
  1. I can touch my nose with my tongue
  2. I love photography, both sides of the camera. I drive my friends crazy taking photos, but they always love the results, people, places, random things.
  3. My favorite colour is RED although I'm really loving Yellow & Orange at the moment.
  4. I love films, bit of a film buff... cannot possibly choose a favorite and would probably take me all day to even narrow it down to a top 10... but I love a film that makes me laugh, cry, jump or think about it for days after.
  5. My favorite food is Sushi, I would eat it every day if I could.
  6. I love shoes. Show me a girl who doesn't. I generally dress from the feet up... pick the shoes and then the outfit.
  7. I'd love to live by the sea, preferably somewhere warm & sunny, sometimes I convince myself I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) I am definitely solar powered.
  8. I like exercise and being outdoors. Running, swimming, exploring... fresh air... lovely!
  9. I'd love to make a proper living from painting, I do at times but like writers I get painters block, maybe I need a muse?
  10. I have a habit of numbering points in conversation when trying to explain things to people... 1) Because it helps give structure to what I'm trying to say, 2) For conversational organisation and... 3) Naaah not really, it's all rubbish, dunno why I do it.
  11. I talk A LOT... but love it when I'm so comfortable with someone that I can just sit in silence (usually day dreaming) and not feel awkward.
  12. I went to the Oscars in 2006... unfortunatly not as a Nominee. Although when I left school I wanted to be an actress. I was an extra for a while and had a few *cringe* bit parts including a stint in Familiy Affairs as a nurse called Bianca, my character got put in prison in the end haha!
  13. I don't like touching cotton wool, it makes me cringe... apparently it's called Bambakophobia
  14. My home is my castle... well more like cottage... I love interior design & architecture, I bought this little ramshackle bungalow and redesigned it, pretty much knocked it down and rebuilt it, now it's my perfect little nest. I did get the wonderful opportunity to design my "Dream house" and it's been built and yes it's amazing, but my ex lives there now, c'est la vie... the next one will be even better!
  15. What you see is what you get with me. I once dated a psychologist who was determined to prove otherwise, "everyone puts on a front"... nope not really, no games, no bullshit, no act... just me!
  16. My alcoholic drink of choice is Vodka & Cranberry, although I'm a total light weight... and get the worst hangovers!
  17. I have really small hands and feet.
  18. I play the Piano and the Ukulele... Love music but I'm not good at singing!
  19. My first pet was a rabbit called Peter... so when I do the whole "Figure out your Pornstar name" game (First Pet + Street you were born on)... Mine is Peter West... haha sexy! Not! LOL
  20. My favorite quote is: "Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life - Love should not be one of them"
So... this is my list, my 20 things... go re-blog my lovelies and tell me 20 things about you xxx


  1. Loved this Abs, I might do this :) xxx

  2. i was sure a wonder girl as you can touch the nose with the tongue!!!!!see you.....

  3. i like this! i remember doing a similar one on facebook notes years ago i may have to dig it out an have a look haha. x

    ps. you look hot on the pic ;)


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