Monday, 6 June 2011

Playboy Vs Feminists

So I'm getting a bit of stick for attending the "Grand Opening" of Playboy Club London... and while it's just as easy to stereotype the female protesters as sexually frustrated, man hating, feminists as it is to brand the Bunny Girls as exploited, degraded sex objects... I think realistically neither is true.

OK so facts are... It's a casino not a strip club (not that I have anything against strip clubs) the Bunny girls are probably wearing more than most podium dancers in regular clubs and regardless of Playboys status in the porn industry the club was anything but smutty.

My personal view... How people can say Playmates are exploited is ridiculous. No-one is making these girls to take their clothes off, it's not like Hugh Hefner is kidnapping them and forcing them into the adult entertainment industry. Surely feminism should respect freedom of choice? If these girls want to use their sexuality to forge a career then why shouldn't they. If anything surely the men are being exploited... they're generally the ones financing it. Many female role models in business and entertainment use their sexuality as a sign of power... Look at Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga... they're all overtly sexually provocative in their music videos/performances...  And on the other side of the market... Jacqueline Gold 16th richest woman in Britain and Chief Executive of Ann Summers. Let's face it ladies & gents... sex sells and women are as much in power of that industry as men are, it's business and in the case of the Playboy Club a bit of fun... not exploitation.

On another note... regardless of the picket line of protesters outside, once inside the evening was fabulous!

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