Friday, 12 August 2011

Seeing Double

Ages ago a friend told me my little girl Bella was the spitting image of Tiger Lily Hutchence (daughter of the late Paula Yates & Michael Hutchence) Tiger Lily was born in 1996 so she's 12 years older than Bella but when my friend showed me these pictures of when Tiger Lily was 3 (Bella's age now) it really freaked me out, it could almost be Bella...

Tiger Lily
It got me thinking maybe everyone has a double? Quite often when I'm out in London I get mistaken for someone else, and on an number of separate occasions for someone called "Nicola". I've even had texts from people saying "why didn't you say hi last night?" when they swear they've seen me out, and I've actually been somewhere else... I'm not sure who this girl is but maybe she's rockin' around out there looking like me?

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