Monday, 19 September 2011


Kinda speechless about this trip as there were so many "you had to be there" moments. But wow... 3 days of non stop partying... laughing... crazy times... so much fun. New friends, great memories! Hundreds of silly pictures (thank god as they helped us piece together the hazy parts of the night that we don't quite remember). 

High lights... The Wolfpack & new recruits Dag "doug/doogie", George, The little Italians next door, Leon with the HUGE feet, Gary the purple giraffe, Delia the Crocodile. Ben's Holiday romance with Mandy... The slow murder of Gary (Cambo & Jennie found guilty). The stalker policeman & the illegal taxi. The fake banana... The broken watch "what time is it?... 20 past 4 MATE!" The Mojitos on Salinas Beach. The almost stolen dustman van. Clubbers in Space singing happy birthday. Owling, Sunsets, Sunrises & Cannonballs! #GoodTimes #PartyMonsters #IGotTheMovesLikeJagger

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